A Slice of History From Detroit Rock City

The Who are a legendary band in rock and roll history known for their contributions to the music world just as much as, like most significant rock bands, they are also known for their antics and debauchery.  There was no member of The Who more notorious than original drummer Keith Moon, and on his 21st? birthday (there is still rumors that it was actually Moon’s 20th birthday party, but he figured if the public was convinced by the press that he was 21 he could drink anywhere he wanted) The Who were slated to be in Flint to play a gig with Herman’s Hermits at the Atwood High School football stadium.  The Who frequently made tour stops in both Detroit and Flint throughout the 1960s and 1970s, but this gig in particular would lead to the Flint Holiday Inn’s most destructive rock star incident.  After being drunk most of the day and posing for a photo in front of the motel’s sign, Moon truly knew how to turn his birthday party into chaos as only he could do — among a food fight at the motel, fire extinguishers, and Moon getting one of his teeth knocked out and having to have it removed without anesthesia due to his inebriation, the legend is that Moon drove either a Lincoln Continental or a Cadillac (or both?!) into the swimming pool by going over a small fence from the parking lot straight into the water.  Subsequently, The Who were banned from The Holiday Inn for life and Michigan gained one of the greatest and most outrageous rock stories of all time.

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