A Slice of History From Detroit Rock City

The Lourds were a group of high school kids from Detroit who formed in the very early 1960s, wanting to play some straight-up rock and roll. In 1964, The Lourds had the opportunity to enter a “Battle of the Bands.” When the group went on to perform, they played covers of the songs “High Heeled Sneakers” and “Shake A Tail Feather.” The highlight of the performance came when the band’s 16-year-old guitar player leapt up onto the judges’ table and fired off his guitar solo to the delight of the crowd. The guitar solo sealed the deal for The Lourds, who won an opening gig to play for The Supremes at Cobo Hall. Shortly after their stunning performance, the group disbanded after their guitarist, Ted Nugent, had to move to Chicago with his parents. John Drake, the lead vocalist for The Lourds, would eventually meet back up with Nugent in Chicago to form The Amboy Dukes, where the Motor City Mad Man would first gain great recognition.

Enjoy a performance of The Amboy Dukes from The Detroit Music Awards in 2009, and Nugent at DTE riding a bison onstage in 2001. That’s Detroit Rock City for you!

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