Bankruptcy In The D

After months of speculation, the decision has finally been made.┬áDetroit will file bankruptcy. This article is not about blame, reason or ramifications, it’s actually about renewed self-realizations. It’s no secret that national, and sometimes global media tends to fly circles around Detroit’s doom and gloom like content-deprived vultures. For those living in South East Michigan, we know the deal. The downtown, mid-town and other nearby neighborhoods have seen more growth and prosperity in the past few years than the past few decades. Entrepreneurial endeavors are noticed by glancing in any direction. While it’s true that this is mainly taking place in the city’s core, a small 5% slice of the Motor CIty pie, it is still happening. The reality is this is where it needs to start. Healthy heart, healthy body. There is not the sense of disparity here that some around the country may believe. In fact, some of the renovations happening downtown are kind of annoying to the folks that work and live in these areas! No, this article is to let those outside our great city and state know that, we’re ok. Politicians will do their politician things, but the spirit around here is what matters to anyone I know.

The art. The music. The culture. It’s all here to stay.


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