Interview with Mexican Knives

Mexican Knives are a band based out of the city with a groove, a presence, and a fast-paced aggression that is infectious to the ear.  Zach, Ruth, John, and Blair have given their genre of “surf goth” a fan base within the city, and will surely grab the attention and the eardrums of many more fans as they plan to release their first 6-song EP, along with a split-45 with fellow Detroiters Ritual Howls.

I had a completely different band . . . I asked Ruth to come back, and everything is happening organically, the way it’s supposed to be…guitarist Zach Weedon

Beginning with Zach and Blair playing together, the band evolved with Ruth taking over on vocals, and John (having a change of heart) accepting a second offer to play bass.   With recent shows in Brooklyn and Chicago and plans to hit even more cities after their EP has been released, Mexican Knives are right on track to turn their intriguing genre of rock into a more widely recognized and appreciated sound in this city.  In this video interview, the band discusses how their sound came to be through an influence of musical stylings ranging from the Staple Sisters to Guns N’ Roses, how they made Wavves green with envy, and why more people should go to the library.


At the end of the video please enjoy an exclusive performance of the track “Nightmare,” performed live at the Detroit Sounds Like This Studio in Eastern Market.

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