Melted Toys

It’s safe to say that San Francisco-based lo-fi band, Melted Toys, have been floating around for some time in one form or another. After years of shuffling through different roles in their practice spaces, the guys finally nailed down a sound they liked around 2010. Since that time, Melted Toys released their 2011 EP Washed and Read More

Volume One

Founded in Grand Rapids, MI, in 2011 by Matt Black, Young Heavy Souls has released their first compilation and is aptly titled Volume One. This 20 track release is a super eclectic and ambitious maiden voyage for the collective, as it should be. With that being said there is a common thread woven into this Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Garbage Truck Alarm Clock (Dayda Remix)

TRACK PREMIERED ON DETROIT SOUNDS LIKE THIS Fresh track of the day! We have an exclusive release of “Garbage Truck Alarm” from Dayda (Detroit) via Chicago artist Nunca Duerma.  Get your ears ready for probably one of the hottest dance tracks of the year.  Dayda delivers a deep hitting track that will hit you in the Read More


Humons has a cool blend of funk and electro with a modern rock twist happening in this album. Overall there’s a feeling of fast paced dance that causes infectious beats in songs like “To My House” and “You Will.” With a personal preference for the slow-burner funk, I gravitated to songs like “Revival of the Read More

Burning Stones

Singer/Songwriter Mel and producer Black Milk have discovered that personal lyrics and dope beats always make for a good combination. “Back At You” and “Inner Demons” are stand out tracks due to their mixture of soul, electro, and hip hop; 3 major hitters for any Detroit music fan. “Hello” is a song you might want Read More


Jamaican Queens are beautifully dark and creepy. I don’t always download the album that I have to review, but I did with this one. Jamaican Queens’ secret weapon is taking sounds and genres that you never expect together and blending them with true creativity. What’s even more surprising is the edge and truthfulness that comes Read More


Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas released the five track “Demons” EP on November 12th. Her sound goes all over the place in this EP.  In “Shadow Boy”, the song has musical elements of a spaghetti western which is quite a tangent while “Caught Up” is a straight-forward pop track. Judging by the audience at her Read More


Seeing Tin Scribble live was a pleasure, and I found myself entranced by their dark, gritty, and complex rock elements. “Breakable” is a longer track, but shows their versatility and musicality. The musical knowledge and experience of all the members is enough to impress any music lover and their creativity is evident in the album Unlive Read More

Central Station Edits

Alkalino takes us on an edit journey through one of his strongest 6 track EP’s while disregarding genres making edits from Alan Parsons Project, and Mr Scruff.  The EP starts off with the high energy “Angel Dust,” the track is enough to make you want to do drugs at some point.  The highlight of the Read More

Say It Isn’t So (Original Mix)

Recently I had a chance to see Matador while he played the Minus Showcase at the Bleu Room, a very close friend and associate of mine gave me access to this show and I was amazed from the moment I walked in to the moment I left.  The show started off with Chuck Flask of Read More


Alkalino hailing from Bavaria, Germany is not only one of the most recognizable and talented disco producers and DJ’s in the world, he has a Detroit Connection.  A couple months back for those who were lucky enough to be at North End Studios in Detroit got a taste of Alkalino at about 2 a.m. in Read More

Other Tramps

Get ready to relax and rage with these two songs from the Mexican Knives’ Other Tramps album. “Make This Moment” is slow-burner punk rock; a different venture than their usual fast paced surf-goth. The vocals come out effortlessly raw, and the combination of bass, drums, and guitar all put a finish to their unique music – a large sound Read More

Just Do It

Dej Loaf has achieved what many spend a lifetime trying to find: Their own truthful story.  In an age where the internet has both negatively and positively provided instant access to billions of factoids and people, it’s hard to focus.  A truthful and personal story will always make people listen. The album is longer and Read More


Local producer and DJ Frank Raines has yet another monthly release off of his label Funk Night Records, featuring Musca (aka Black) with his second FNR single. The single is entitled ‘Gees,’ and is performed by Musca (aka Black), Guilty Simpson and produced by Musca, with Frank Raines and Mr. C executive producing the track. Read More

Other Angels

This is my first listen to Rogue Satellites, and I’m impressed.  There’s a certain grunge rock to their sound which they’ve blended extremely well with lighter melodies.  “Blue Skies Don’t Care” hits with a synth opening beat, and then blends smoothly into a gritty distorted electric guitar, which then leads into a surprisingly infectious melody. Read More


Unfortunately, Michael Michael Jackson’s album falls short of the synth-pop expectations. Overall the sound is repetitive and might be better served as a shorter EP. I say this because while Wonderland is not my style of music, I know of people that would enjoy it, but probably not 10 songs of it. The style is Read More

Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!

It’s no secret that Mick Collins and The Dirtbombs would rather not sit quietly in one genre box. Take a look at their 2011 release titled “Party Store”, rock covers of Detroit techno? Yep, classics from Derrick May, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson and others, deliciously bent and broken by guitars, distortion pedals and live drums. Read More

The Vonneguts

My boyfriend sits across from me in this dusty cafe as I start to play this track called “Shy” probably far too loudly.  Scanning the reverbnation page, he asks, “Who are the Vonneguts?” I turn down the volume slightly and respond, “The Vonneguts are… something else entirely.” Given that at this point I had only Read More

Summer Means Fun

The Kickstand Band, a Detroit power-pop trio, is far from mysterious. Their Facebook page labels their genre as “FUN,” and on Summer Means Fun EP, “summer” is mentioned at least once in each song. What you expect is a collection of breezy, major  key songs with warm harmonies, and that’s exactly what it delivers. Breezy Read More

Sparks EP

From Brooklyn via Ann Arbor, MI brings us Chrome Sparks. The first time I heard the track “Marijuana” off this EP I thought: 1. I think my speakers are blown and 2. I don’t care. In actuality, this track has a little underlying fuzz on the sub bass that emulates a blown speaker just a Read More

The Delicate Detail

Like your eyes opening in the morning for the first time in a tropical place, the EP begins with “Crystals” which covers you in warmth and sunshine. A steady primal rhythm and simple subby bassline keep you moving forward while low-fi swirling synths and floating Rhodes let you mind wonder. Second on the e.p. is Read More

Oh Jabba

Like classic Detroit house, Oh Jabba starts out with a gritty kick and sparse Rhodes hits. Followed by low-fi crunchy snares, staccato synths and big claps, until the synths waves wash ashore. At about 2 minutes in, we get some new melodies, overlapping nicely. At this point, your like “Ok, dope. This dude is on Read More

Shaking The Habitual

The Knife’s fourth studio album, Shaking The Habitual, finds the Swedish brother-sister duo of Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer in the most personal zone in which their dedicated fans have seen them create.  The album is a 2-CD, 3-LP mammoth in which every facet of who we know of The Knife as a band Read More