Humons has a cool blend of funk and electro with a modern rock twist happening in this album. Overall there’s a feeling of fast paced dance that causes infectious beats in songs like “To My House” and “You Will.” With a personal preference for the slow-burner funk, I gravitated to songs like “Revival of the Fittest.” The sound in “Funkness” reminded me of groups like late 70’s jazz funk band Weather Report.

It’s clear that Humons has a firm grasp on the art of beat making. At times it gets so intense with layering that it can be overwhelming to the ears. Still, these songs show a talent in harmonies, rhythm, and the creation of entire soundscapes like the ones in the longest song on the album, “Big Island.”

Many of the songs have a psychedelic vibe to them that continue to vibrate out into areas of jazz fusion and hip-hop inspired drums. The lyrics came second to me, but are still solid and blend well with the intricate beats.

Vote for most infectiously groovy dance beat? Hit play on “Dwntwn” and feel the bass line!

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