Just Do It

Dej Loaf has achieved what many spend a lifetime trying to find: Their own truthful story.  In an age where the internet has both negatively and positively provided instant access to billions of factoids and people, it’s hard to focus.  A truthful and personal story will always make people listen.

The album is longer and shows a variety of beats and flows, but even with this grab bag of sounds, the lyrics come off as extremely truthful and honest.  Rappers can get caught in the trap of rapping about what they think people want to hear instead of what they know.  Dej Loaf knows instinctually to “Go For What You Know.”

The production value has an outer space vibe with hard drums keeping tempo.  Smooth R&B chords with a hip hop foundation.  The listen-anytime-anywhere quality  is admirable, and done well. “Just Do It” becomes a mantra that carries on for the entirety of the album, and Dej Loaf has Done It.


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