Burning Stones

Singer/Songwriter Mel and producer Black Milk have discovered that personal lyrics and dope beats always make for a good combination. “Back At You” and “Inner Demons” are stand out tracks due to their mixture of soul, electro, and hip hop; 3 major hitters for any Detroit music fan. “Hello” is a song you might want to wake up to, with the smooth synth chords and steady light beat and vocals. “Ready” has an original sound and has the best of 70’s funk and slow techno syncopation.

My only complaint is that I want to hear more from the vocals! They use some vocal distortion on “Ready,” but mostly Mel has an amazingly strong gritty, yet smooth vocal style that was at times overpowered by the previously mentioned dope beats (There are included instrumentals for each track on their bandcamp page).

I for one will be excited to hear the next project from Mel and hope that her vocals shine just a bit more on her next album. For now, I’ll keep groovin’ to Burning Stones.

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