Other Angels

This is my first listen to Rogue Satellites, and I’m impressed.  There’s a certain grunge rock to their sound which they’ve blended extremely well with lighter melodies.  “Blue Skies Don’t Care” hits with a synth opening beat, and then blends smoothly into a gritty distorted electric guitar, which then leads into a surprisingly infectious melody.  This seems to be a theme with a few of the songs, but there is no loss of versatility.

A nicely done studio album that shows evidence of complex instrumentation and mixing.  This all gives the album a diverse sound, but still flows with the music they ultimately achieved.

The layering of sound used throughout Other Angels gives it a feeling of adventure and journey, something any complete album should have.  Specifically on tracks like “Clean Your Closet Clear the Bones,” there is a depth that becomes apparent with the layering, and from that, an original dynamic.

To purchase their album: Rogue Satellites – Other Angels

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