Sparks EP

From Brooklyn via Ann Arbor, MI brings us Chrome Sparks. The first time I heard the track “Marijuana” off this EP I thought: 1. I think my speakers are blown and 2. I don’t care. In actuality, this track has a little underlying fuzz on the sub bass that emulates a blown speaker just a bit, but compliments the songs over all “feel good” vibe, that is head-nodding downtempo goodness at its finest. Super chill tracks like “Your Planet” move in a bubbly-arpeggiated fashion with rich organic sounds that pair nicely with the shaker and background drums. “Cosmic Claps of Love” picks up the tempo a bit but is still airy and uber left-field. Melody rich, the feel good continues. Take a step back with “Send the Pain On”, super slowed-up with an 80’s soundtrack vibe that is like a drug-induced memory. chrome-sparksLong breathy vocal sounds bring human characteristics to the warm synths.¬†My wife recently played this during her Yoga class so it’s pretty versatile, and Savasana friendly.

This is one serious release from Jeremy Malvin. Consistent, original and well produced.  Currently available on his Bandcamp page is the Sparks EP printed on white vinyl, along with digital downloads of course. It is a limited production, but I got mine.

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