The Delicate Detail

Like your eyes opening in the morning for the first time in a tropical place, the EP begins with “Crystals” which covers you in warmth and sunshine. A steady primal rhythm and simple subby bassline keep you moving forward while low-fi swirling synths and floating Rhodes let you mind wonder. Second on the e.p. is the title track, “Delicate Details”. While slightly more melodical, Billy Furman’s sax playing make this a standout. Sounding reminiscent of older Space Time Continuum, with a grittier Detroit style, the title track has the right amount of vocal chops and breakdowns to keep it interesting. “Boards Of Canada” fans will love the beatless track “Sunset Options”. Full of fluttering synth distortions, sustained Rhodes hits, string samples and a subliminal manic underlying rhythm. “Between The Haze” picks it back up. cosmicJust a bit. With a slowed-up 4/4 beat, the track is crafted from more of the “Cosmic” sound. Echoing only a couple times is this reverberated sine wave, while beautiful, it does leave my ear drums wanting more. Last on the release is “Lift Chant”. A steady kick takes you right into the eye of a tribal frenzy, and only get’s freakier.

Cosmic Handshakes is equal parts Todd Modes and Dial 81, who both have individual releases worthy of checking out. The “Cosmic” idea was born in the winter months in Detroit, and was an outlet for these two producers to step a bit out of the house and hip-hop scene.

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