Volume One

Founded in Grand Rapids, MI, in 2011 by Matt Black, Young Heavy Souls has released their first compilation and is aptly titled Volume One. This 20 track release is a super eclectic and ambitious maiden voyage for the collective, as it should be. With that being said there is a common thread woven into this release, ingredients such as nostalgic and wistful sounds, chopped organic instrumentation, dirty-synth baselines, playful lyrics and an over all weirdo-sensibility are sprinkled throughout. The genres touched are plentiful ( as should be in a compilation), and I appreciate the experimentalism. You probably wont love every track, but – there is something for everyone here. Check it out.


A few track highlights:


Staggering chops of vocals, trumpets, synths, blips and beeps. Bizzaro sound backed by a deep, acidy baseline and hip-hop beat.

NortroniksThe places you only go once
Starting the track with the “Summer in the City” keys is an interesting move. Slammed with an eerie and dissonant vibe, the Sirius Mo-esque baseline fits nicely into the track.

DuktapHappy Endings
Vocal samples from the Exorist? I bit that too a long time ago. Cool to hear again, especially since the track ironically drifts into a pretty happy, melancholy state.

Vapor EyesA.O.A
A dancehall inspired hip-hop anthem including a range of sampled MC’s that seem to push through a cohesive vibe. Is that Animal from the Muppet Babies in the beginning?

Black & FriendlyDastardly (feat. Gami)
“Give me my slice of pie, ala mode – Before I start to discriminate rappers who got to go – Eat their whole 6 course meal, steal the show -That’s the true definition of a Young Heavy Soul” And there you have it! Delivering a slick flow over this hip-hop track, “Dastardly” is a great addition to this comp.

Spencer LeBoeuf & Victoria EmanuelaOh Yea
Silky, sexy and nostalgically refreshing. This track is brimming with a bluesy, soulful nod to the past. Soft but powerful vocals, keep you intrigued over funky and crunchy wah-wah guitar riffs.  The duet these two have going on is kind of the highlight for me, well written and arranged. “I don’t have to site here and lie to you. When I can sit here and tell the truth.”

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