Jamaican Queens are beautifully dark and creepy. I don’t always download the album that I have to review, but I did with this one. Jamaican Queens’ secret weapon is taking sounds and genres that you never expect together and blending them with true creativity.

What’s even more surprising is the edge and truthfulness that comes out of the sweet and sour lyrics. In “Water” they shout, “I don’t wanna do things for her, I don’t wanna go down on her, I don’t wanna tell you it’s the end.”

Water was the first track on the album and the first song I heard from Jamaican Queens. After each subsequent track I kept thinking I finally had a grasp on their sound, but every time they surprised me with their versatility.

Other songs like “Black Madonna” and “Kids Get Away” really embrace the marriage of indie pop and trap music. Then alternate routes are taken with “Can’t Say No to Annie” and Wellfleet Outro” that sounded like space warped love songs with dark twists and turns. The entire album is extremely well mixed and mastered, and there’s a uniqueness to them that makes you want to stick around.

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