Rick Wilhite, talented House DJ/Producer and native Detroiter, has the world to choose from as far as where to be based but decided to stay in Detroit.

And, it’s always good to see the D get a little respect in regional ink, especially one based in Chicago.

Detroit’s music scene is one of the reasons he has stayed.

“There was one, Soul Night on a Tuesday once a month, that got between 2,000 and 3,000 people,” said Wilhite (also known as “The Godson”) in the interview which ranges across topics like the difference between vinyl and digital DJs, his warm reception in Japan, and how things have changed over the years.

In Detroit, we’re keeping it going. I know I’ve put my own time, effort and money into doing something and doing it consistently. I’m not talking about setting up one speaker in a room and charging $20 for people to dance around it. You can do that anywhere. We’re talking about good sound, good music, and something worth your time. Rick Wilhite: ‘There’s Too Much In Detroit For Me’ on

It’s amazing the amount of music that still comes from Detroit, even to this day. A recent Crain’s Detroit Business study by the Anderson Economic Group showed that music was a billion-dollar industry in Metro Detroit. We (and they) are pretty sure they’re undercounting.

Here’s a link to the full piece in 5Magazine and below you’ll find a Soundcloud player of a recent remix Wilhite did. If you like the beats, support the artist.

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