The Gories on “BandIn” Detroit

For our second edition of Throwback Thursday, we are focusing on not just a track, but an entire performance from the too often under-appreciated garage rock goodness of The Gories. Mick Collins, Peg O’Neill and Dan Kroha formed The Gories in 1986, their formula being raw and minimal, rejecting the overwrought pop & rock that was being concocted so much in the 80s. Dan Kroha is quoted in Savage magazine as saying, “. . . no one was playing music the way we wanted to hear it. We wanted really fucking primitive stuff. Bands would call themselves primitive, but we wanted to show ’em what that word really means. Also we wanted to really show ’em what rhythm and blues means. No one was doing it the way we wanted to hear it, so we decided that we just had to do it ourselves.” The Gories went on the late-night local Detroit cable TV series “BandIn” for the show’s fourth installment, and filmed the entire session below in the same studio that their first LP, Houserockin’, was recorded in. According to Kroha, the actual recording studio at Wanghead Records was covered wall-to-wall in carpet that resulted in a dead and muddled sound, so the band asked if their equipment could instead be set up in the metal-walled machine shop that was next door, ultimately providing a large benefit for the bands signature sound.

Please enjoy this performance by The Gories on Detroit’s “BandIn” from 1989.

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